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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Robbed & Unstoppable

After Funkerman’s gigs in the Ukraine and Russia last weekend somebody has robbed him of his CD directory. How dramatic is this? Just before you need to pack your suitcase and fly to the states. So there is no other alternative for Funkerman than to create a complete new CD directory.

...But after this tragic incident. He can't wait to leave and play his new burned tunes. He will hit Canada, San Francisco, Orlando and Miami, Florida, be sure not to miss this. And please don't rob him..

Wending his away across the North American continent, taking in the sights and sounds (and sharing plenty of sounds of his own), Funkerman's excursion across the pond will give the lovely folks over there the perfect chance to hear some of his new material. New album House for All is due for release in April.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Message from Munich, Germany this week. We got linked through to Monk, a singer/producer who's at the verge of releasing his own album. He says his music sounds like a clash between Kurt Cobain and Timbaland in the boxing ring. So we had a listen.

To be honest it sounded like Cobain went out in the first round by a well-aimed Timbaland sissy punch. But we're not saying the music was bad. The comparison was just awfull. The music was actually quite alright. One track in particular:

Monk - Fill The Emptiness

This song is free, you can download it at his site.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet the Mafia

Swedish House Mafia is on top of it's game this summer. Their 'Leave the World Behind' is one of this summer's main anthems and their own weekly clubnights at Pacha, Ibiza are packed with people every week.

Now sure these guys make great music and they deliver wonderful shows, but that's not their only key to succes. They're getting top exposure too:

These video's are awesome, we couldn't help smiling when we saw them. This is great work by the video editor and probably some guy doing marketing. Point is, this House Mafia doesn't consist out of just some guys spinning records, who are just lucky to be succesfull. This is a big organisation, aiming to be so.

Now one could argue this is not what music should be about, because it should be about the music itself. It's not. This is about appealing to a large group of people with the same interest in music. Or just people looking for good times. It's a social gathering. This is organized crime, just the way we love it. So see you at the next crime scene..

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Let's do the Daft

What's this? Some of you might recognize the words. 'Harder Better Faster Stronger', Daft Punk. It's the control panel for a Daft Punk game. We just stumbled upon it and wasted an entire hour playing. Don't ask how..

We're not going to explain anything, just go there and see if you got what it takes to do the song.. Enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Grand Output

Watching tv the other day, we came across this broadcast about Sensation: Wicked Wonderland. Not about to go all out on Sensation, let's just say it has known better days. But anyway, Fedde le Grand was playing and did he raise the roof! If you need convincing, he has his own tv-channel. Check this out:

He plays a lot of his own productions in his shows, as well as remixes. It was hard work, but we dug up some rare tracks:

Fedde le Grand - Output (New Single! It's coming out the 13th of july.)

Will.I.Am - Donque Song (Fedde le Grand Remix)

Sounds are awesome, so don't be surprised if there are posts later on his music.

Exit Soon

Yeah, we promised to post some more electronic music.. but here's something else. Heard a recording of this band called 'Soon'. Don't be misled by the name. Although they're name promises more to come for the future, they allready quit their band.

Want to know just why this is too bad? Have a listen. These youngsters (i believe they're not much older than 18) play jazz, and the song works quite well..

Soon - Scratch

You can learn more about these guyshere.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Welcome to Sacha Ligher

Here's a first. We see and hear so much good music everyday and we think everyone should hear and love it. So we decided to give birth to our brand new very own blogspot. Guess what, it's all about music.

We mostly love electronic music, so that's what you'll be finding here in the near future. To get an impression of what we like, here are some examples:

Daft Punk vs. Will.I.Am & Brad Sucks - Sick as a Dog (U Got Mixed by Sacha Ligher)

Lilly Allen vs. Jamiroquai - Smile (Tallulah) (U Got Mixed By Sacha Ligher)

Mr. Oizo vs. Piemont - Eyeshine & Steroids (U Got Mixed By Sacha Ligher)

We cut these from some mixes we did ourselves in the past, enjoy!

We'll try to regularly post great music on this blog. So if you have music or related news you'd like to share, feel free to contact us.